What are the consequences of using css style color codes for mesh materials?

The documentation for Color repeatedly mentions that recommended way of assigning color is through hexadecimal. for eg:
1 “… it can be a hexadecimal triplet (recommended), a CSS-style string, or another Color instance.”

2 " Note that standard method of specifying color in three.js is with a hexadecimal triplet…"
3 “… * It can be a hexadecimal triplet representing the color (recommended).”

I have so many colors defined in CSS style like this: ‘#ffffff’ so I want to know the consequences to decide if it worths the effort to write a function that converts css style color to hex triplet

i don’t think there is a problem, i use css style color strings pretty much exclusively and i’ve yet to see a downside. well, looking into color.js there is a bit of overhead due to regexp parsing but probably insignificant.

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