Mesh material color is different from what i see

I have a mesh that looks green but i dont know why if i get it material color (mesh.material.color) it results as this:
{r: 0.14079749584197998, g: 0.26021209359169006, b: 0.07914432883262634}
Using getHex it is #2310676 a kind of dark blue as you can check.

This is not a valid hexadecimal representation of a color since your value has seven (and not six) numbers after the hash.

In any event, the final color of your material also depends on lights. If you share your entire code (maybe as a live example), it would be easier to help.

ok, but i get this value doing mymesh.material.color.getHex()… so what it represents?
Light is simple: new THREE.DirectionalLight(0xffffff, 1.4, 100);

I guess you want to use Color.getHexString(). The value of using Color.getHex() looks weird since you can’t represent letters (ABCDEF) in a number.

Ok now it is correct, i get another number (234214) and it looks like the right green!
Thank you Sir.