Were there major lighting bugs fixed in Lambert or Phong since r109?

So I have this situation:

Thinking if upgrading three.js would be of any use?

I鈥檓 afraid I don鈥檛 understand the image. Do you mind sharing before/after screenshots so it鈥檚 easier to see the differences?

there is no before/after. see the wall behind old woman, directional light shadow blocks the purple light from reflecting there for some reason. then, few meters back, next to white arrows, this bug disappears and purple light is able to reflect in the shadow as it should.

here the purple light is placed directly above old woman head so there is obviously nothing between the light and the wall:

(note that how the ground or the brown door is not affected by the light either)

ok, so this appears to be Lambert-only issue, probably a combination of MeshLambertMaterial makes no distinction on source of shadow. 路 Issue #12743 路 mrdoob/three.js 路 GitHub and PointLights not working correctly with Lambert material 路 Issue #12457 路 mrdoob/three.js 路 GitHub (large triangles), Phong is not actually affected - nvm.