Cube and lighting problem

Hi, new to Three.js here.
I was thinking of drawing a simple scene to begin learning - a Minecraft-inspired one - but when started with a very simple plane consists of cubes using lambert or phong material, i’m facing a very annoying problem…

That is, noise can be seen everywhere, this is not the case with mesh basic material.

But the same object viewing in different position (same angle) has no problem:

As you can see, the surface seem perfectly smooth.
The problem is even worse when adding receiveShadow = true and castShadow = true for the cubes…

I really want to be able to draw some nice Minecraft-like scene with lighting etc… :frowning:
Thanks for reading, any advice :slight_smile:?

(ps: thanks Mr.Doob for the embedded images)

Solved the problem by drawing only visible faces of each cube, so non-visible faces will not interfere with lighting and shadow computation. The algorithm has became pretty complex for adding/removing cubes…