Black color is dark can not see object on scene, is their issue with lights?

I created simple cube and set black color to theme, but i can not see cube on scene, is their issue with black color on renderer? or lights?

Three js version 120.

link of code :

i want this

but i get it this

You use MeshBasicMaterial in your fiddle which is a unlit material. Meaning it does not respond to lights. Try it e.g. with MeshPhongMaterial. You also have to move the camera around a bit so you can see the illuminated parts of the surface.

Thanks, i checked but, i have one issue, if i remove directional light then same issue occure with AmbientLight.

The problem is that a pure black color will produce no diffuse reflections. Try it with a slightly more bright color value.

is their another solution?

Use gamma correction