WebXR, Oculus Browser, Semitransparent dark square(s) overlay?

Hi, apologies if this is a duplicate question.

Q: What could be the reason for a subtle opaque dark square covering almost 80% of the frame?
See the screen grabs from Oculus Browser on Quest 2 and 3


Does it change when you apply different values to .setFoveation(…)?

For me, the central part is higher quality, and the peripheral area is lower quality.

Hi Pavel, thanks for your help, much appreciated

I did not set it initially so it uses some default values (?)

Indeed setting foveation to 0 removes the overlay completely


however when set to 1 - I can still see the square

Yes, here is what is found in the source file:

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I see. I do not know if this works at all - when the value is below 0.34, the square vanished, when above I see the same rather annoying square.

I’m not sure what troubles you. Just use some small value. Foveation is used to save battery power, by reducing the quality of peripheral textures.

Here is an extract from https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/XRProjectionLayer/fixedFoveation:

More info about the concept of foveated rendering.

If this is set by default to 1 and “the edges render at lower resolution” and it produces visible anoying overlay - I do not think this is properly implemented.