Scene.background CubeTexture webgl2/multiview R113

I have noticed some strange effect when adding a cube texture as Scene.background. Everything is fine until I use webgl2 and disable antialiasing. I presume that this could be to the fact that multiview is then enabled then. When antialiasing is enabled the sky background looks good but as soon as i put it on the background becomes a clearly visible small cube and when I move my head the cube moves with me making it look really strange.

I have made an example from the standard webxr_vr_sandbox:

It’s difficult to see the effect when just using cardboard type VR but I’m using the Oculus Rift S and running this on Firefox using the webxr polyfill.

Has anybody else seen something like this?

Can you please also try it with the Oculus Browser? It is Chromium based and already supports WebXR. This might also be an issue of the WebXR polyfill.

As far as I can understand Oculus browser is for Quest/Go, while I am using Rift S.

I tried instead to use newest Chrome and enable VR and removed the polyfill and I still see the problem, unfortunately. The test page is now updated not to use the polyfill.

I think we may need to remove the multiview code. It was added prematurely and seems to be unmaintained.

Alright, the feature is gone:

Unfortunate but hopefully it will get more stable later. I’ve made a tool based on three.js for displaying almost any Cad model starting with optimizing it to be able to display tens of millions of triangles on a computer with a simple 3D chip like Intel HD Graphics. It turned out that the optimization worked very well in WebVR mode so we have a platform for viewing for example daily updates of power plant designs also in VR mode. I realized that the multiview gives a nice boost and I was able to visualize >100M triangles on the VR laptop with Oculus Rift. Though, most models lie around 50M so I have time to wait for it to get more stable, just constantly looking for ways to make it smoother and allow larger models :slight_smile: The main usage for the tool is still document linking, displaying IoT data etc, the VR comes as an added bonus.


That is good to know!