WebXR browser crash

Hi all,
This isn’t a specific three issue but I just wanted to see if anyone can help me out? We have a website where you can click on an image of something and then explore the 3D piece in VR. Because of the nature of how it works I have to create all the three rendering state and then clear it all down again. Most of the time this works absolutely fine, but after a number of times the quest browser crashes on exit. This normally wouldn’t be a problem but when the quest browser crashes it disappears! This makes it pretty difficult to debug as you can imagine! I can debug the browser via usb to my PC but this doesn’t show any errors before the crash occurs. I’ve talked to dev support at Meta and they said the only tool they have is their OVR metrics tool. This logs out a lot of really low-level error messages that doesn’t particularly help me. Can anybody suggest anything? A tool to try and pinpoint the error? I’ve used chrome’s debugger tools and there does not appear to be a memory leak (or at least not a big one). I’m sure it’s something relatively simple that I’m doing, I just can’t seem to find out what it is. Any help is appreciated as it’s driving me crazy!! Thanks!

Is there anything in our app that if you take out, the crash goes away? Does the complexity of the model matter?

Are there any extra settings you’ve enabled on the meta device that you can turn off. For example, higher frame rate or hand tracking.

Check your storage space on the meta device. I know apps can sometime behave weird when storage is nearly full.

Have you tried resetting the meta device to factory default. Does the problem still happen?

Is there such a thing as a crash dump in the OS used by meta? This is usually very helpful when debugging a problem in Windows.

Is there such a thing as remote debugging in the OS used by meta? Using Visual Studio or even Windows debugger remotely is how I’d typically debug a problem like this in Windows.

If you can capture the browser crash, meta should be trying to fix it.

Hope this helps

Hi, thanks for replying, it’s very much appreciated.
Doesn’t matter what model I load.
No extra settings.
Loads of storage space left.
Doesn’t appear to be crash dump logged. Used their OVR tools and that logs all manner of things, none of it particularly helpful. Tech support basically admitted there is not a lot of support for WebXR-based apps! I use remote debugging - I can see all the logs from the meta browser on my desktop in chrome and it doesn’t show any errors! I’m beginning to think it’s the browser itself. The one thing that I haven’t done is set it back to factory default. This may be worth a try, thanks a lot!

Set my device back to factory defaults and the crashes happen very infrequently, hardly at all in fact. I’m not sure what this says about the browser or my software but at least it’s an improvement!!

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