Website for my EP Inspired by Zustand's Website

I created this for my new EP I released several months ago. I knew I wanted to make a website to show off my music but I couldn’t figure out the format. But then I came across Zustand and the moment I opened its website I was like “Oh yeah, this is the way”.

Serenade on a Dream (

Anyway, would love to hear any feedback you guys might have as this was my first ThreeJS project. Thank you!


This is lovely, both the music and the design :blush:

Any reason you have the “follow cursor” off by default? I thought the effect was broken until I spotted that button.

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Hi, thank you for your kind comment!

I thought the movement would be a bit too much when, for example, you try to move the cursor to the bottom of the screen to turn down the volume or something, so I had it off by default.

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