3D Portfolio Tutorial made with React Three Fiber

My next tutorial will be this unique 3D portfolio website made with React Three Fiber. It is made in a way that it is very easy to customize, so every one can make their unique version of it. Source code will be provided, and the tutorial will be step by step, even for the absolute beginner! It is also mobile responsive!

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Live Website:

PS: The design of the static page is made in collaboration with JavaScript Mastery YouTube channel. This tutorial was planned to be uploaded on JavaScript Mastery YouTube channel as I work with them as a freelancer, but now it will be posted on my personal channel. The design of the static pages then will be different.


there may be a problem with your testimonials unless you are aka “[Developer’s Name]” :grimacing:

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Haha thanks for pointing it out. Yeah, I know, I did not finish that page yet, (it’s also not responsive yet). Not great to show to clients and recruiters :sweat_smile:, but I left it like that, for the tutorial I’m making on this. Everybody will personalize it then later.
Thanks for commenting @Lawrence3DPK :slight_smile: