Webgl programming job vacancy in Shenzhen,China

//WebGL team need programing partner

Hi everyone. This is a founder team from Shenzhen China.

We are building a website in order to serve the 3D industry such as game-making, house building, cxm product designing.

And we are using 3js to help us get faster achieve the goal.

We need a partner who is good at 3js/WebGL, especially in Shader/Skeleton Animation/Rendering Optimization.

We provide high salary / Original stock incentive.

Here is the job vacancy:

Job Title: Front-End Technical Director
Base: Sinovation ventures,Nanshan district,Shenzhen, China
Need: Javascript programming experience / 3js experience/ webgl shader programming experience/ Image Analyzing experience.
1),Leading and charge the front-end team.
2),Provide useful advises to solve the problem of the project.
3),Take part into the recoding of the core engine of our renderer in order to optimize the performance.
4),Report project process to CEO.

you can contact with: sdar@3dpunk.com
wechat: sdarpeng