WebAR library without markers?

I am building application for Wordpress and Woocommerce shops where admins can load their models in GLTF and buyers can view on them. I want to add also some AR experience, so buyers can see such models in their appartments, so, I studied a lot of information about three js and AR libraries.

And I really can’t find any good examples with simple integration for GLTF loader of three js. The most popluar set of examples https://jeromeetienne.github.io/AR.js-docs/misc/EXAMPLES.html I can’t successfully load any of these examples on android phone. Looks like all of them require to have Markers or simply go to 404 page

Is there any good example where users don’t need to use any markers?

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Android only though…

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It’s required from users to enable flags in their browsers. This is not production ready and buyers never modify browser settings to view sites, they will close such site immediately

It will be enabled by default in Chrome Android 81.

Which was going to be released today… but coronavirus may have gotten in the way :confused:

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Ok. Thank you. I read info about WebXR. Looks like it’s experimental feature now and not production ready, but should be implemented in this year. Code looks clean, maybe it’s time to start playing with it

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In fact, WebXR is natively supported in Chrome sine December last year. So it’s not experimental but stable and production ready.


The main problem is that apart from Chrome other browser do not support WebXR yet.

That is correct for VR, but the AR parts of the WebXR API have not landed in Chrome Stable for Android yet.

Hopefully soon… :crossed_fingers:

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Oh right, this thread is about AR^^.

Have you looked at https://modelviewer.dev/ ?

this is exactly what i have looked for months. Thank you

@WP_Soul - were you able to find a solution? I’m trying to build a similar app and I came across WebXR. It’s now in production and doesn’t require markers to display the GLTF object. I tried it out and the code works for me using vanilla js but I’m building my app in react and I keep getting an error. Was wondering if anyone else has successfully used using react.js

I used modelviewer library. it has everything and simple API. I made special app for Wordpress and I am sure that it can work in react also, you need to create ref to get access to react object and trigger modelviewer on it