Configurable AR for iPad, iPhone and Android with Shopify integration.

For my very valued customer, Lifetime, I have added configurable AR to all their products on Shopify. (currently only available in Scandinavia)

Demo video from iPad:

Here’s what I learned along the way…

  1. iOS users need to use Safari. It’s a shame that certain features are disabled on chrome on iOS, and I’m sure this is a business rather than technical obstacle. Hopefully will be fixed in the future.
  2. Android will not directly launch a dynamically generated .glb file in AR (please prove me wrong! :slight_smile: ) so it’s necessary to upload to a https server, and have the user download again…

Thanks to @Zachernuk and @Zack-Arc for your input :smiley:


That is really nice man! Currently looking for something similar. Did u use webXR or some other web AR library?

model-viewer which is based on threejs I believe…