Vtp file loader not working

I’m trying to load a .vtp file using Vtkloader but it’s throwing an error

This is the vtp file I’m trying to load

Which works perfectly fine in vtk js

Do you mind sharing the VTK asset in this topic?

Yeah, sure. Here it is

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Yes, I can confirm the loader can process the file. Unfortunately, the VTK spec is quite complex and only partially implemented in THREE.VTKLoader. POLYDATA is the only dataset format the loader can parse and even this one is not fully supported (as demonstrated by your file).

So you have to enhance the loader by yourself or consider to convert your VTK asset to a different file format like glTF.

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Okay, Thanks. there is not lot of info I found on what content of vtp file means. Is there any resources, maybe if you know any?

No sorry. I’m not very familiar with VTK. The only thing I’d like to add is that the VTK project provides an glTF exporter in their package. Maybe helpful in this context: