Help me, please! How to load vtk files (structured points, structured grid, rectilinear grid, unstructured grid)

Hi, How are you?

I have to load vtk files into scene, but I can’t load vtk files except polydata files into scene.
If you have experience here, please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Only one dataset format of VTK is supported by THREE.VTKLoader. It’s POLYDATA. All others can’t be processed right now, see:

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Thank for your response. So it is absolutely impossible and three.js cannot load these vtk files?
Therefore, I can use only VTK.js for loading these files?

Well, if you are willing to add support for the missing dataset to THREE.VTKLoader, it is possible. But not right now.

I’m not sure if there are other 3D engines that have loaders for VTK but VTK.js should work in any event.

Some background information: THREE.VTKLoader was added years ago but unfortunately the original devs do not support it any more. Apart from some code style changes there were no new feature updates for quite a while now. It would be great if someone else would take over responsibility and enhance the class in the repo.


Thank you very much. You are a good man.

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