Vertexless Instancing

Hi community!



Made with r147 + importmaps. Thus, better to open in Chrome :slight_smile:
The base of the demo is this example: three.js examples
So I just had a thought “what if I do it with InstancedBufferGeometry?”.


Love “vertexless” this demo is insanely good, it’s incredibly smooth with 1 million triangle instances on a huawei p30 here, really cool stuff!

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This is pretty clever! I didn’t know that gl_VertexID existed.


@marquizzo AFAIK, it’s a WebGL2 feature (and gl_InstanceID too)

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Super :+1:
The pen also works fine for me with the latest Firefox and Opera.

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Great idea! :+1:

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This is very cool, I shared this on Twitter and a lot of people seem to like it!

there was an interesting question about interacting with it, whether you can make it react to mouse for example. And I think the answer is yes (probably just pass the the mouse position as a uniform and figure that out in the shader)