VARTISTE - WebXR Drawing, Texturing, and more!


Hi folks, I’ve been working for a little while now on a VR art tool called VARTISTE, built with three.js and A-Frame. VARTISTE lets you draw and paint in virtual reality. You can paint with materials (like gold, or fabric, or anything you can find on places like ambientCG), and you can even paint directly onto 3D models, which you can import in glb, obj, or fbx format. There’s all sorts of tools for painting, like grabbable pencils, spray paint canisters, material projectors, and cameras. When you’re done, you can export to a glb file, complete with PBR textures, or even upload directly to Sketchfab.

There’s a lot of features packed into it, here’s just a few:

  • Many different brushes for all sorts of uses.
  • Brush editor so you can make your own brushes
  • Built in environments with HDR lighting
  • Flat, Matcap, and PBR material options while drawing
  • 2D animation, including onion skinning, and live animated drawing
  • Layers, including layer compositing effects
  • Reference image and reference model import
  • Powerful Node-based effects system
  • VR-focused UV unwrapping tools
  • Sketchfab import / export
  • Spectator camera, including Mozilla Hubs / ReadyPlayerMe avatar support
  • You can see more features in the demo reel

VARTISTE is also open source, so you’re free to modify it and customize it so it can best suite your workflow: Zach Capalbo / vartiste · GitLab

I use VARTISTE a lot for my own personal projects, but I’m hoping that it can be useful for other folks too! Happy to hear about ways it could work better for you.