renderToVR - next-gen 360 3D VR Tour made with three.js

Hi Comunity!
We are a small start-up. Developing a next-gen 360 tours authoring service for arch-viz industry.
And this is our demo:

And youtube video:


Well done, crisp!

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Lovely cubemaps! :blue_square: :mermaid:

This is pretty interesting, like matterport but with rendered assets. How do you interact with the scene, is there some kind of geometry you load or are you using depth maps?

@rendertovr Very nice!

It’s pretty similar to a demo I’ve made a couple of months ago, but yours have more features:

One question: why and what does it load every time I make a move?

@rendertovr Really interesting, also interested in how you rendered the geometry of the scene, if it’s a 3D model and not done with individual pictures - what is it that loads every time you click?

On another note unrelated to webgl - I think this logo and typeface is really handsome

I like the “walking up the stairs” sequence in yours @soadzoor :slight_smile: