Using sprite object and material in threejs editor

Hello again very helpful community!
(designer here still learning the basics of programing)

I see the the threejs editor has a sprite object and material.

I have been watching tutorials and reading documents. But I have still not had any success setting up a sprite within the editor.

Could someone please let me know:

  • what the specs are for the sprite sheet I should create? And is this .png then uploaded to “map” in the sprite material?

  • what script should I write in the editors script window to run the sprite properly?

Thanks in advance!!

The main purpose of a sprite is to represent a plane that always faces towards the camera. THREE.Sprite does not automatically support sprite sheets since you need specific texture transformations for using them. More details right here: How to draw a tilemap in three.js?


Can you please explain in more detail what you mean by that? It seems you have certain expectations when you say “run the sprite properly”.

Thank you as always Mugen87! That was helpful, I learnt a few new things!