Using shaders in the Editor

Could anyone please help me with a bit of a walk through on how to use a shader within the threejs editor. I see that there is a shader material, so perhaps someone can show me how to add a shader correctly.

For example can I add something like this via the threejs editor:

Thank you very much in advance for all your help!

Writing custom shaders in the three.js editor is supported. However, you can’t implement all existing three.js demos you find in the internet in the editor. For example, it’s not possible to include external libs (like Pixi.js) and it is also not possible to use EffectComposer right now. Both are used in your codepen.

When choosing ShaderMaterial from the selection, a new configuration row Program will occur that allows you to author the vertex and fragment shader as well as uniforms and defines.


There is also a pre-defined Shaders example available in the top menu that demonstrates the usage of these features.

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Thank you for always being so helpful!
What are your thought on me being able to add this one: