Map editor - What to use?

Hi everyone!

I have most mechanics for my first little 3D RPG in place but I struggle with creating maps. What I need is an editor to place trees, houses, rocks etc, maybe define areas for ground type (grass vs mud vs water) and place monster spawners.

For 2D Pixel Art for example there is the Tilesetter map editor. For Unity I guess people can do it directly in the editor.

I tried the three.js editor but that doesn’t really seem suitable as it includes the full definition of each model in the export.

So now I am curious, are there some standard tools for Three.js? How do you design your maps and what would you recommend?

Can you please explain in more detail what you mean by that?

The editor is intended to be a so scene editor which primary purpose is to compose scenes of predefined or imported objects. So it should be suitable as a very basic map editor, too.


I design them procedurally. I admire all forms of procedurally generated assets – terrains, trees, buildings, maps, environments, etc.

– Pavel

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Maybe @Michel_HH needs an editor that exports compressed metadata info, like cell (1,1) has object #1; cell (1,2) has object #5, etc. The map should not include the objects themselves as geometries and materials, but only their ids (or other type of reference).

– Pavel


Like Pavel correctly derived, the export should not include the objects’ geometries and materials, only the reference.

I am loading my models etc separately, I just need to know where to place them on the map. So the ideal editor would let me export to JSON the terrain and where to put which models (position & rotation), including the player. Maybe also layers and zones and things.

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I understand. You still could use the code base as a foundation for something more complex that you build on top of it. Or at least let you inspire how certain concepts like history or do/undo operations are implemented (which you essentially want in every kind of scene or map editor).

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