One more 3D Editor?

I am glade to introduce in community the alpha version of the 3D Editor I am building for my costume ecs game engine. You can find it here: The 3D Editor



Very interesting!

Could you give a little tutorial on how your editor differs from the current threejs editor? :slight_smile:

Who is your editor for?

I am 3D artist not a coder, so at first glance it does not seem like it is for someone like me. But perhaps I just don’t understand it yet

Hi makman. thanks for your replay.

Well this editor is in early alpha developing so I it does not have tutorial yet as I make a lot of changes!

The basic idea is this:
Every THREE object (object3d, geometries, materials, textures ) in scene is an entity.

Selecting object in entity droplist of each tab you enter to edit mode and can modify the object.
You exit from edit mode when selected of droplist is none (empty) or with exit buttons.

On Editor tab when you have an entity selected (edit mode) you can use the W,A,S,D keys to rotate the object, the ARROW keys to move the object in axies XZ and the Q,E keys to move the object in axis Y.
You reset the the rotation with the R key.

Use the F,G keys to scale the object uniform. Use T key to face the object to camera.
For fine adjust use the UI in each tab.

You can create basic geometry objects in Geometry tab. Select the geometry type in Geometry droplist and click the “Create Geometry Entity” button. Same way in Material and Texture tabs.

That’s the basics. More tabs coming soon. (link here)

PS. Basic knowledge of THREEJS is required. Read more at threejs docs here

@doublechok is the editor still available?

@doublechok the sky looks amazing in your reference image, is it created using a simple hdri envMap or are you using a particular sky shader?

Hi @forerunrun You manage to load the server? I get not found error.

Try this link here

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