Threejs editor 101

I’ve been poking around this potentially very useful building block. It seems to have done a number of things I’ve been wondering how to do in my own threejs work. But, for the life of me, I can’t find any introductory reading into what it is designed to be. Would much appreciate some elaboration into this. Also, the GITHUB site did not have the usual zip file option download. So please tell me how to download and install this software locally.

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Have you tried the Download ZIP option yet? You can find it when opening the repository’s main page and the click on the green Code button.

After downloading, navigate into the repository, execute npm i and then npm start. This will allow you to run the editor locally under https://localhost:8080/editor/.

I don’t see the ZIP option.

I am on URL

Is that the wrong place?

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Use the URL

The editor directory alone isn’t enough. The app has dependencies to the build and example/addons directory.

I’m not very acquainted with Three.JS yet, but it doesn’t seem to have any other purpose than a demo tool inside the official documentation.

What are you trying to use it for?

The editor should show how a typical scene editor for three.js could be implemented. It’s also a quite handy tool for drag’n’drop 3D assets of various types (glTF, OBJ, FBX etc.) for viewing and debugging purposes.

Devs used in in the past as a basis for custom editor solutions. We have also seen native editor apps based on Electron.


Thank you v m. Got it running locally.
Kindly help me locate the code that:
(1) writes some scene stats at the lower left hand corner
(2) creates the world coordinate triad at the lower right hand corner


I stand corrected then. What happened to these apps? Closest thing I found so far is one built on React Three Fiber, or a full game IDE (Rogue Engine).

After downloading this distribution I was able to execute those npm commands and get the Editor running locally. Now I want to run some of the extensive examples that come with the THREE distribution locally. I have the example files and THREE installed, but what is the npm command that will allow me to access the launch page for these examples?

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Hi oldman

It could be that I’m intruding on the conversation with something that isn’t interesting.

But, I don’t use npm and I can run all the example pages from the Three.js website at home, through a simple local web server (a very simple PHP server).

I download the complete Three.js zip from the page itself:, in the menu on the left…

and clicking download comes the entire set of Three.js documents and codes.

When running my local web server ( and accessing the three.js-master directory I can access the editor subdirectory and run its index.html.

I can access the examples subdirectory and run the infinite html pages contained therein.

So I would like to know what Your home web server is, and maybe I can help You.

Through the editor, I think it is only possible to import objects and set up a scene, but we cannot import an HTML page into the scene.

I hope I don’t confuse You, I just can’t go without making a comment. :slightly_smiling_face:

José Roberto Lazzareschi

PS: I wrote an article a while ago and I was even criticized for using old methods to work with Three.js… Install and run Three.js in Windows in less than one hour … but so far they work very well.

I’m using Servez and your suggestion worked perfectly.
Thank you


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Hi oldman,

I tried Servez, but it does not accepts PHP pages that sometimes I need.

So, I will continue with my old QuickPHP.

It is very small, good and fast!

Thank You for the reply! :wink:

PS1: I also use resourse:

You can go to

  • download

  • create a PHP_8.2 dir

  • create a file servidor.bat there with code:
    php --version
    php -S

  • create a sub dir web

  • create a sub dir three.js-master in web

  • insert all uzipped files previously downloaded from

  • run servidor.bat and in the browser with: … followed by the page from examples that You want to run…

PS2: I am 72… If You want… write me how old are You :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t have any php pages, so SERVEZ is fine.
but I’m having some trouble now with it.

please send me your email.
i am