Install and run Three.js in Windows in less than one hour

Not just for Grandchildren and Grandparents.
It’s a simple tutorial with screenshots.
I was able to install it in 20 minutes (but without coffees and ice creams).



not to discourage you or anything but php, local http servers, this is nightmare webdev from 1994. it brings back memories i had hoped were lost on me. :smile:

in the old days javascript didn’t have a community, everyone for him or herself, or an eco system, everything was copied and pasted by hand, or a good means to develop, php http servers and refreshing the browser on changes.

three is installed and ready to go in seconds nowadays:

npm create vite
cd projectFolder
npm install three
npm run dev

this takes care of everything. managing dependencies, dev server that refreshes your app when you make edits, you even have a publishable minified build in the pocket (npm run build).

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Thank you very much for your attention!