Set up a development server

I’m trying to transfer the lesson code to the computer. Gives an error to import. What should I to replace it with? Thank you.

You would need to share a bit more information - that error doesn’t seem like something that should happen when running a local server.

  1. Are you using node / npm to run the server?
  2. What dev server are you using?
  3. How are you running your code?
  1. Npm
  3. parcel index.html

you can use codesandbox. don’t even need a local setup in that case: this runs a full npm build env in your browser.

if you want it locally, just click the “export to zip” button and it downloads a ready made production setup (i think based on parcel). run npm install on it, npm start, and you’re good.

i use csb if i want to quickly setup something running.