Idea: add a `prepare` script to package.json, otherwise three is not consumable via git

Without a prepare script, installing three as a git dependency (instead of from will result in the certain files not being built, therefore installing from a certain commit will result in some code being up to date (in the src/ folder) and some code being out of date (f.e. build/three.module.js).

The script should be

    "prepare": "npm run build && npm run build-examples",

if I understand correctly. I’m not sure what else is needed; there is not a publish script in package.json that would normally inform this.

why is this not a pull request

@makc3d I’m blocked from the GitHub repo. If you can make me collaborator on your personal fork or a new fork just for this (or I can PR against yours), then I can provide patches there, and you can forward to three.js repo.

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OR, you could just make a throw-away account. @mrdoob can you pls unblock this guy, if he promises not to ask for typescript support again :smiley:

Good idea, I can make new accounts, easy enough. (switching between them can be not so nice)

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Asking for TS support can get you banned? :scream:

asking for ts support after it was repeatedly denied, yes

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