Using own shaders in WGSL or TSL in postprocessing with WebGPU?

Does anyone have experience with using their own shaders in WGSL or TSL in post-processing with WebGPU?
I know the two examples in the three.js examples but they only use buildIn effects. I’m looking for something like shaderPass from WebGL so I can use my own shaders.

Hi, webgpu_backdrop_water use TSL pass( scene, camera ), you can reuse with others passes in the same PostProcessing class.

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Hi Sunag, thanks, I’ll take a closer look at that this evening. This would allow me to realize Abernier’s wish for a wormhole.

But I also need post-processing a lot for myself. I feel like I’m still pretty lonely here on the forum when it comes to WebGPU. That’s why I’m now trying to familiarize myself a little more with the three.js code.
The PMREMGenerator and the pmremNode are new. Unfortunately there was something wrong with the cube textures, but I was able to do a PR myself. mugen87 asked someone to review it.