Unable to map array of positions with useGLTF

Hi everyone!
I was using gltfjsx to convert all my models glb/gltf files into jsx/tsx components then using it. But the problem is gltfjsx is giving me more than 3k- 4k lines of code for a single component. So I tried using useGLTF from drei directly. like this

import { useGLTF } from "@react-three/drei";

const Dummy = () => {
  const { scene } = useGLTF("/dummy.glb");
  return <primitive object={scene} />;

export { Dummy };

and then rendered it like this:

 {DummyArray.map((currentPos, index) => {
  return (
<RigidBody lockRotations key={index}>
   <Dummy position={currentPos} />

previously with gltfjsx I was seeing as many copies of Dummy component as there were elements (positions) in the array but now when I’m using useGLTF I only see one copy.