UI library/framework for three.js?

I’m not familiar with CSS/HTML/Dom etc. But I need some GUI in my game,
include a score panel or score bar at the top of the window, the highest score in history record in the left bottom, the game over panel which shows the score this turn the player get, and some player avatar icons, and a mask used in the game over panel , which mask the game scene a bit gray, so the click event is not delivery to game scene, and the game guide panel which tell the game rule, etc.

So, based on the above requirement, please give me some suggestion about using some UI library like bootstrap or the just raw html ?

I’ve personally made the experience that the usage of plain HTML, CSS and the DOM API is sufficient for creating basic user interfaces like you’ve described in your post. IMO, the usage of libraries like React makes sense if you are going to implement more complex stuff like advanced inventories or the UI for a scene editor. It’s definitely useful if the UI consists of many form elements (input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons) and needs stuff like (two-way) data binding or some sort of state representation.