Three.js interface generator to create graphic interfaces

Hello, I am new to this community and I wish to know if there is an interface built around three.js where I can create a graphic interface with buttons, sliders, virtual keyboard and position those items on a playground-like interface and the get the coordinates or code to use it on my project.

Thanks and #StaySafe

If your app is limited to browsers (so not React Native), you can simply use DOM elements to build a UI :thinking: (that’s including <input>s, and CSS, and all the other nice stuff that come with modern browsers.)

If you’d need just a debugging UI (meaning useful over fancy), you can try dat.ui (it’s used by all three examples.)

If you’re targeting VR, you can also take a look at three-mesh-ui.


Thanks @mjurczyk

I feel inspired by awesome people like you.

Thanks for welcoming me to this community!