TubeGeometry misfitting conjunctions

I created a shape from HeartCurve by using TubeGeometry. The result isn’t exactly what I want to create. At the conjunctions in sharp corners, geometry is badly folded, as you can see on my example image.shape_edges

Now, how to resolve this to a clean unfolded mesh? Furthermore at the top I need a sharp edge, too.

I’m afraid TubeGeometry is not intended for this kind of 3D object. Consider to define a heart shape like in the following example:

You only need to define a hole and can then use ExtrudeGeometry in order to create a 3D mesh.

Is there an example? Threejs has one for ExtrudeGeometry but not for holes, I guess.

The example also demonstrates how to define shapes with holes e.g.:

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Thanks! Will try out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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