Trinityjs - an Open Source Nodejs backend for threejs Projects

Good evening,

I’ve just published the nodejs backend (now dubbed “trinityjs”) I’ve been using for the past 2 years, as an Open Source project on github.

I hope others will be able to use it, maybe even contribute some new features :slight_smile:
The demo clients include some AR and VR functionality, more to come.

It’s designed for threejs developers, whether or not they have dabbled with nodejs before.
I rarely change anything in the backend from project to project, it’s always in the front end, and e-commerce integration the work lies (not to mention creating the models…), but for the more adventurous amongst you, be my guest to change anything you like.

It uses MariaDB (MySQL). I know that’s awfully old fashioned, but I prefer it to paying 700 bucks a year for MondoDB. If anyone ports it to MondoDB, that would, I’m sure be a popular branch.

There’s a lot of useful endpoints built in, so integration with a react-three-fiber frontend would be
quite simple from studying the plain javascript example clients provided (there’s one for a product configurator, and one for a room planner).

If there is interest, I will use time to write documentation(!) and make video tutorials.

I’ve lived well off of threejs, so I hope this is a chance to give something back.

So you don’t have to install it before taking a test drive, here’s a full, open hosted version where
you can login as administrator. Upload whatever models you like. The database is backed up and I
will reset it once in a while.

user name:
password: trinityjs123

Have fun! All your feedback greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Now with editing in VR

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And now some different AR modes…

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Started a companion website…

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