Looking for ThreeJS freelancer

We are looking for an additional ThreeJS freelancer. We have an on-going project with a single page web app using threejs for online accessory building design.

Our current lead ThreeJS programmer is wanting to work on other projects. We need somebody that is proficient with ThreeJS and ES6 programming, that stays current with the current state of 3D programming in ThreeJS for the browser. We generally try to keep the project using the current release of ThreeJS. Additional, familiarity with NodeJS is needed.

We use Bitbucket Git for our main code repository and the backend of the web app runs with NodeJS / Express JS / MySQL, we run with the current LTS version of NodeJS on the server.

The web app currently runs fairly well on most common usage computers using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. We primarily use Chrome for our development environment and on our in-house development, we use VSCode as our edit and eslint to help keep the code clean. We have started using JSDoc to help document the code.

Current tasks on our issues list include fixing an issue with the textures not applying correctly to a specific class of 3D Object, creating a space-efficient way to store designs in JSON format for later retrieval, optimizing the code to reduce rendering time when multiple 3D elements are in use. Providing a way to select 3D element options on mobile browsers when the right click is not available. Next level items on the list include getting WebVR support to production level.

This could potentially be a long term relationship. This project is an on-going subscription-based service and we expect to always be updating the code to keep it current as well as adding features. The current code base is on the 2nd major revision and currently using ThreeJS R99, and we have R102 on the task list. We have been working on this project for 5 years. This would be a part-time job currently, however, there is the potential for full-time coding, especially if you have skills with HTML5 responsive interface coding ( we use Zurb Foundation 6 and JQuery to program the user interface )

An NDA would be required.