Title i want help in Threejs

I want to learn more about in three js

… … … … bruh.


What did you try so far? Which part specifically is blocking you?


If you’re asking for us to solve the entire assignment for you, you’re kinda failing the first sentence of it :smiling_face_with_tear:?

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And we’re here to help - therefore the first question stands - what did you try so far?

Take a look at docs first - it explains step by step how to create the scene and all the base setup. Then, based on your needs, scroll through examples and find ones that do somewhat what you’re aiming to do. Source code for each example is in the bottom right corner - you can then just take a look at example code and implement it in your app. That’s pretty much it - examples are usually simple and effective, but if there’s something specific blocking you, you can come here and get aid.

Alternatively - if you want a full A-to-Z course of threejs and R3F, you can enroll in threejs journey - it’s not super cheap, but will teach you almost everything you’ll ever need in three.js.