- A free online 3D presentation tool with an easy to learn edit environment

What started for me as an experiment with the ThreeJS library has evolved in a free online 3D presentation tool. With a simple edit environment.
It is a sparetime project. I wrote it in plain Vanilla Javascript (Typescript) that uses a ‘publish-subscribe’ pattern for in code communication.
Some might recognize the scenery options (water, space)… these are examples from the ThreeJS website.

Here is the url:

Currently on the TODO list:

  • ‘Transform selector’ improvements (has still some bugs);
  • Add several ‘light’ options;
  • Memory management;
  • Auto-play option;
  • Templates;
  • More scenery options;
  • An upload form for custom models;

I am very curious what you think of it.
Feel free to send me your feedback and/or ideas.

Thanks in advance.


I like the idea and execution.

So far you can add Sphere Cube and Ring.

If you intend to make more geometry available, see if Muti Form Geometry can be used.

Multi Form Geometry


nice would be something if you can import custom models and also modify the uv textures.

Thanks for the compliment.
Indeed an upload form for custom models is on the TODO list.

Develop this really fast and take it to market quick

I am working on this in my sparetime… so it won’t go fast :crazy_face:
And what do you mean with “take it to market”?

Update report: the UI of the right panel is updated and it now possible to add ‘movement’ to static objects like cube, sphere, image, etcetera.

@winnie Added an import option: go to ‘Add’ → ‘Model’ → ‘Load your own model’
For now you can upload ‘glb’ or ‘fbx’ format files.

@hofk I have added a new geometry: Cone (
I will study the Multi Form Geometry to see how I can implement it.

If something is unclear about Multi Form Geometry :thinking:, ask. Maybe I can help. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wrote a presentation tool but for IT architects to show concept of system structure:)
demo on yt:

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Hello @3darch
Interesting tool.
I have sent the url to a collegaue that works as software architect.