Open source for 3D editor and player based on JSON

Already I post my 3D editor at Perfect online 3D editor and player based on JSON
I am going to share my source now.
Live demo:
Use account as aaa / 123456
Source download link: (3.6 MB)
[Note] You need to import threejs r101.

The tools includes the following features:

Functions : Timeline Animation(Move, Rotation, Scale, FadeIn), Object Edit(Texture, Shadow, Position, Rotation, Scale etc), Preview, Build To JSON, Save as Image, Undo/Redo etc

Elements : Plane, Circle, Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, Pyramid, Cone, Tube, Torus

Widgets : Text, Video, Audio, Panorama, PDF, Website, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Gallery

Lights : Directional, Point, Spot, Hemisphere, Ambient

Models : FBX, OBJ, glTF(glb, embedded gltf)

Particle : Bubbling, Spawning, Fire-Smoke, Spark, Water, Cloud-Flog, Flame, Snow, Rain.



Appreciate your work. Does it support GLTF file?

When I try to sign in I get this message:

Just allowed your account. please try again!
Good luck!

Do you have to manually allow all accounts as I just got the same

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Added free account for testing.
username: aaa
password: 123456
On ARApp page, click design button.
Expecting your feedback.

Hi, I installed the source code, but it does not show anything! what should I do ?