3D Editor based on web and Builder for .apk

Dear everyone!
I developed perfect 3d editor and builder. See screen shot.

The tools includes the following features:

Functions : Timeline Animation(Move, Rotation, Scale, FadeIn), Object Edit(Texture, Shadow, Position, Rotation, Scale etc), Preview, Build To JSON, Save as Image, Undo/Redo etc

Elements : Plane, Circle, Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, Pyramid, Cone, Tube, Torus

Widgets : Text, Video, Audio, Panorama, PDF, Website, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Gallery

Lights : Directional, Point, Spot, Hemisphere, Ambient

Models : FBX, OBJ, glTF

Particle : Bubbling, Spawning, Fire-Smoke, Spark, Water, Cloud-Flog, Flame, Snow, Rain.

If you are interesting, pls contact me via Skype or Email
Skype: live:splitedragon
Email: splitedragon@hotmail.com


Here is a video link how to work: http://www.goodhow.com:8096/ARAppBuilder_Video.7z

Please check details in here:
ID: user1
Password: 123456

Regards. Niao


very good!