Demo for AR app builder

I have already share my perfect 3D editor based on web.
This is sample how to use 3D editor.

    ID: user1
    PW: 123456789

  2. Once you click on the 구세관안내, you will see an icon called Download at the bottom right of the table. Clicking on it will download the 구세관안내.apk file.

  3. Install this .apk on your Android phone.

  4. Double-click the 구세관안내 to enter the editing environment.
    Here, in the maker tab on the left, there is an image of named 발굴터[1]. If you click the View button, the 발굴터 marker image will appear in large size.

  5. Run the installed apk.

  6. Project the 발굴터 image.

  7. Web edited content is reproduced as is on the mobile phone.

  8. This time, open the marker image called 동영상스트리밍[2] and view it on your mobile phone to see if the other edited content is reproduced.

  9. With the edited content reproduced on the mobile phone, you can view the edited content at each location in a 3D environment by moving the position around the marker image.


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Thanks for sharing your work.

Unfortunately, my paranoid half of me is not happy to download and install anything, unless my other half truly needs its. Do you have a video that demonstrates your AR builder? I’d be curious to see it.

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Thanks for the video. It looks like there are some nice options for defining basic motion and adding weather elements (like clouds). I am also curious about the AR part of the builder, i.e. mixing and synchronizing computer generated content with live camera feed.

Thanks for your concern.
The work flow is
If you are good in Korean, then see more details from

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