ThreeJS popularity survey

Hi, I’m working on a data science project regarding the popularity of graphics engines. I created this survey just for threejs to see it’s popularity and preference over other engines when it comes to web game development:


I’m offended by the “What’s your age?” question. The “10 to 12” have there own checkbox while those who survived past there 25 are defined as the mysterious ‘Others’ beyond the check boxes. Obsolete? Not that interesting! Not worthy of having our own checkbox. I’d say I’m too profound to fit in a single box anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, I’ll add more ranges

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If it is useful for your project, you may also include data from Google Trends. Here is what I get for Three.js as computer application:


No hard feelings! Just playing around, ‘Others’ humor I guess. And controversy does bring attractions, right? So I’m doing you a favor here!

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Thanks for the help! The data seems pretty authentic.

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I would mark the question which engine you like better than threejs as optional :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Now I feel like that I must pick another engine and lie in the survey :rofl:

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Show us the data, Lebowski!

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It’s quite small beacause very few people attempted it

ok… well let us know any insights you discover! :smiley: