Threejs multiple scenes with dedicated cameras

I want to use a single canvas for several totally different scenes for a website. The most clean solution I found is to make custom scene classes in which I’d add a camera, and I’d render the corresponding scene using a public property “camera” of my custom scene. Basic implementation looks like this :


//... imports

export class CustomScene1 extends THREE.Scene {
     constructor() {
		super(); = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera(25,window.screenWidth / window.screenHeight,0.1,1000);
        // instantiate 3D objects...
      //Do the scene stuff...


import { CustomScene1 } from '../CustomScene1';
import { CustomScene2 } from '../CustomScene2';

cScene1 = new CustomScene1();
cScene2 = new CustomScene2();
showScene1 = true;
camera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera(25,window.screenWidth / window.screenHeight,0.1,1000);
const animate = () => {
     if(showScene1) {
          renderer.render(cScene1,; // NOT OK
          renderer.render(cScene1, camera); // OK
      } else {

To embedding the camera inside the scene feels much more cleaner as the cameras have specific behaviours I don’t want to mix.

PROBLEM : My problem is that if in the render() call I use the camera contained in the customScene nothing shows, but if I create a camera in the Main and use it then it works…

Any idea why ? Or shoud I should another structure ?

Thx a lot for your help

I tried your code and It seems to be working fine here, and that’s the expected behavior.

Are you sure you’re not updating the scene’s camera properties somewhere else in your code, position, aspect, fov … It could be anything offsetting the camera position or viewport

Great ! The problem was indeed elsewhere… You made me look for it so thank you for your quick help :pray: :pray: :pray:

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