Threejs logic game (Kip Game)

Hi everyone, I made a little logic game, you can check it out here

One screenshot:


Nice! The tiles should be rearrange-able though

Sure, for now you can only delete them

Very cool, I can see myself sharing this with any children who are interested in logic.

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Really Cool and clean!!! … I’m a math teacher in College, I may let my students try it in class …


Nice game, well put together - I played till the End.
Cant click play in Firefox though:
Uncaught DOMException: Modifications are not allowed for this document inputHandlers.js:104

Some quick improvements for the UX would be highlighting the current tile while playing so I can see where I went wrong :slight_smile:

It is possible that appear on the three.js landing page? , how can I achieve it?

Thanks for the feedback I’m gonna try to replicate the error and fix it.

I hadn’t thought about highlighting the current tile, I’m working on a new update and it looks like I’m going to add it

Looks very nice, but doesn’t work :frowning:

After I move the instruction into the box, the play button is still grey.