ThreeJS for aerodynamics - job at AirShaper (Antwerp, Belgium)

Dear ThreeJS / WebGL enthousiast!

At AirShaper ( we are working on an online aerodynamics platform for designers.
A user can upload his 3D model and have the airflow calculated, without any required knowledge on aerodynamics.
This is only possible because of a high degree of automation behind the scenes.

As it is a tool aimed at designers, visual interaction is crucial.
First of all, this requires an intuitive interface to set up the calculation (wind vector, position above the ground, scale, …). This needs to be integrated into an intuitive UX/UI.
After the calculation, the results need to be processed prior to showing them using ThreeJS (or other viewer). That means mesh manipulation operations (decimation, …), mapping of colors & streamlines, …
The resulting 3D files need to be shown in the browser in a dynamic (moving particles, …) and intuitive (easy user interface, …) way.

We’re looking for a motivated front-end developer that can:

  • think like a designer
  • develop proper UX/UI
  • implement ThreeJS with strong focus on intuitive way of working
  • manipulate meshes (stl files, object files, …)
  • interest in science / aerodynamics

Experience in the following domains is not a must but a strong asset:

  • scientific data representation using paraview
  • back-end skills (data storage, cloud architecture, encryption, security, …)

We’re looking for someone to join our team:

  • European passport (sadly, EU regulations make it difficult to hire people from outside the EU)
  • Full time position
  • Based in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • A dynamic envorinment (startup culture through link with incubators)
  • High responsibility and independency in your job.
  • Salary is to be discussed and will be conform market standards.

Please contact us at

Best regards,

Wouter Remmerie.