three.js (open source) Rendering Engineer (Contract or FT)

With 80% of housing stock now older than 20 years old and a growing affordability crisis, younger homeowners are renovating at an unprecedented pace. However, the process hasn’t changed in 40 years and has remained a fully analog, messy and chaotic endeavor. Skipp is changing that.

With Skipp Renovation homeowners will be able to develop designs for their exact space in a way one might build and customize a car online. They will be able to access world class designs. source materials, get precise construction plans and get multiple labor bids without ever having to leave the sofa.

We are looking for a developer (or contractor) who specializes in 3D rendering.

Our initial project is an engine to generate/render a 3D scene image based on a data structure that explicitly lists the objects and light sources in that space with their location and orientation. Challenges include auto setting of general lighting and dynamically loading 3d assets and textures which are not known at build time. Ideally this would run using open source libraries like three.js. However, it should run as a batch process on a server farm that you can help set up.

Our backend is written in Clojure with a Datomic database, all deployed on AWS. Clojurescript (javascript) on the frontend with React. We also use Python for some integration and DevOps work. Overall, our technology stack is designed for rapid iteration, application of Machine Learning, and flexibility.


3+ years of javascript
1+ years with three.js
Rendering experience
Comfortable working at a startup, prior startup experience (fast-paced, rapid iteration, evolving requirements)
An understanding and preference for data-driven architectures
Must have ideas and opinions. What do you want to explore?
Experience with the JavaScript ecosystem: NodeJS, npm, ReactJS, etc

Bonus: Any experience with AEC (Arch, eng, constructions) appreciated. Have you worked in the AEC industry before? Have you engaged in your own home renovations? Have you changed a light fixture or painted your home? Anything?
Bonus: OpenGL / WebGL and WebGL Headless
Bonus: Unity or Unreal
Bonus: Clojurescript


Participate in all phases of the work: design, coding, debugging, documentation, etc
Performs system analysis and programming activities that may require research.
Responsibility for managing your own tasks and sprints

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