Three.JS GLTF Model exported from editor, bump map not rendering

I made a 3d model in three js editor with bump maps and exported with GLTF Format but when i loaded it in three js using GLTFLoader() bump maps were not working here is the code i wrote to load model …


Help me :slightly_smiling_face:

what editor do you use and what are your export settings? Can you show a screenshot?

The glTF format does not allow bump maps. You’ll need to use a normal map instead. It’s possible to convert one to the other in Blender:

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its good to know , do Collada and STL Model files support bump mapping ?

the model exported from three js editor is here

and the output was unexpected …

STL does not support materials at all. And Collada does only support bump maps via extensions. However, THREE.ColladaExporter does not support it and THREE.ColladaLoader does only support loading normals maps.

There is any type of 3d model which can export bump maps ???

I think FBX and OBJ+MTL would support bump maps, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you what software can export them with the bump map included.

Note that bump maps are functionally equivalent to normal maps, and one can be converted to the other in programs like Blender. It’s probably better and easier to use a normal map, if you can.

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Thanks dude , your reply is too useful :crown: