Bug with animation in GLTFLoader ? I have no animation

I import an object from .fbx format to .glb format using a converter

In converter there is a result of model in glb format with animation

but when I import an object in three.js with GLTFLoader gltf , I have no animation

Why ?

object in fbx

main-2.fbx (845.8 KB)

Here’s the converted .glb file for anyone else looking at this:

main-main.glb (3.1 MB)

It seems to be working fine to me, testing here:

@sts_1994 you can’t load the file on codepen like that due to cross-origin errors (check your browser console).

Try setting up a local dev server and running it there. See the How To Run Things Locally guide for more info.

No, I have a model in codepen and haven’t have error Acces Alllow origin (i have a plugin for it)

My model hasn’t got an animation and it’s view is not similar as https://blackthread.io/loader/


You can load this model in github.io and see, if you have a problem with Access allow origin

this model with no animation if I use GLTFLoader from three js loaders example

what the version of GLTF Loader I can use ? If the current version is in npm ?

My final result

The model is not as in converter view and has no animation

Use this one:

It’s the same one used here: https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com/

Your model works fine in @donmccurdy’s viewer using the latest GLTFLoader.

Looking through your code, you are not playing back the animations. See this example for details on how to set up animations on a gltf model - three.js examples

Specifically, these lines:

Thank you.Animation works.

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if the last version is in npm ?