How do I simply load a model and run some animations?

Hello, Im pretty new to the entire concept of Three.js animations.
I have been working only with OBJs for past 2 days, so this is pretty weird to me.
So, I have a model, which has an animation called idle, the model is called simply model.glb. I have searched the docs, but I rather did not make it to that point where it simply works, so, can anyone tell me, the simpliest way, how I can render a model with animation idle? Please?
My model:
Textures: , , and
Thanks for any reply, Im absolutely new to this, and just a solved issue like this could help me enormously!

The format OBJ does not support animations. Are you mixing things up and mean glTF?

A minimalistic live example for an animated glTF asset with an idle animation is:

Animation clips of a glTF asset are available in gltf.animations.

I mean, that I have only been working with OBJs for past two days and now I want to move on to the GLTF with GLB, which supports animations I suppose and since there is some difference between how each is used, I cannot find out how to use GLTFLoader with my model and run the animation

However, thank you! I was really struggling to find out how to compose the entire thing!

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