Three.js: Dynamically scale/rotate alpha mask-- best practices 2018?

I have a diffuse image and a greyscale alpha mask that work when combined in a material:
map: diffuse
alphaMap: greyscale
transparent: true

example here–>

What is the best way using current three.js to dynamically rotate and/or scale the alpha mask separately from the diffuse image?

That’s not possible since three.js only allows global uv transformation per material. More information in this thread.

You might want to have a look at NodeMaterial to solve this problem. It’s currently part of the examples but it is planned to move it into the core.


Thanks for the prompt reply—and apologies for cross posting! NodeMaterial looks promising indeed. I’d like to try isolating the ‘basic/uv-transform’ section in the Node-Based Material example, but I’m unsure how to find and include whatever extra js files would be necessary to do the testing.