THREE.GLTFLoader: Unexpected light type, "3"."

Hi guys,

when importing a gltf file I get an console error saying:

THREE.GLTFLoader: Unexpected light type, “3”."

I cannot find any information about this on internet. Neither when looking at the GLTFLoader page it says anything about the lights it does or does not support.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong?

Can you please share the glTF in this thread?

See this thread:

One of the BabylonJS glTF exporters has a bug and is writing glTF lights incorrectly. I’d suggest disabling export of lights or removing lights from the scene. The bug should be fixed soon.

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There is no option that will disable exporting lights :frowning: ill show an model that gives me this error.
test.max (1.1 MB)

P.S. Even when not adding lights, ThreeJS gives me this error

The newest version of the exporter will allow you to disable light export, as of 3 days ago: If the error is “Unexpected light type…” there’s still a light in the model.

Ahhh that is awesome! but after installing it results in errors when starting 3ds Max… always something hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: