There is someone here who can develop a 2D game engine with block-based visual programming for me?

Hi everyone! I am looking for someone who can develop a 2D game engine with a block-based visual programming for me, including the classic Three.js editor. The game engine must be easy-to-use, with some simplicity. The game engine is meant to run retro-like games, coming from NES, SNES, Genesis/Mega Drive and Saturn. The engine must keep a focus in raster graphics and palette manipulation like those games did, but with the capabilities of actual and modern video game engines, like widescreen graphics.

And if you’re going to ask me, I can’t pay no one. Mainly, because I don’t have the resources and capabilities to pay someone. I was planning to learn Three.js by myself, but I am in college and learn this, alongside 200 pages of a massive college book, it’s very difficult for me. So… I am asking someone to do it for me. I know this may be discomforting, but… it’s my situation. Sorry and apologies.

Thanks for listening to me. :blush:

Start an open source project. You’ll learn from it. Since it is free. You might get people who are interested in contributing to a free open source project on GitHub.


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