The refraction effect of Water2 is not ideal enough

I implemented a water surface using Water2 above a pool-like model. And the the edge of water surface show some color that are not the refraction of pool but the thing out of the pool. How to solve this problem. I would be super grateful if someone could help me.

Water2 uses a combination of the Refractor and Reflector class. To me, the first step in investigating this issue is to find out whether Refractor or Reflector produces this glitch. So I suggest you remove Water2 and make a test with both classes.

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Thanks for your reply. According your advice, I test Refractor and Reflector class. The followed pictures are results.
Reflection result

Refraction result

The effect of Reflection is correct, but the effect of Refraction is incorrect. And I considered that the complexity of model may influence the effect. So I replaced the model with a simple box, and the effect is not ideal too. The edge of refractor are incorrect.